How To Promote Your Website In 6 Steps

To promote your website is the only way you can make it famous .No matter how wonderful it  seems ,without a proper promotion your efforts will be lost. The good news is that here  I have six easy steps that can improve the value of your content and bring it to the next level.

Why six steps?

Before you dive into the marketing world you need a plan ;  most of the webmasters  have their own strategies , but all agree about these six topics:

  1. great content
  2. link building
  3. meta elements
  4. use of directories
  5. search engine optimization
  6. statistics

Now ,for every topic it can be possible to write a book, but it’s not the goal of this article. This is an overview about the promotion and marketing strategies that only scratches the surface. Soon there will be more posts to deepen the subjects.

Let’s see what are these methods and how move the first steps in the right direction:

Content is king for your blog marketing1. GREAT CONTENT

Great content means that what you do in your site is going to help your visitors somehow. For them, your articles,videos ,photos or whatever you are putting in,  must be something  worth reading it .

The content of your site is it’s identity and makes it differ from other similar websites.

Why should I spend my time and energies writing great content ?

Is obvious, nobody likes to navigate into old websites full of advertises and without  interesting information . The visitors understand immediately if you are trying to steal their attentions and their time:                                  they will never come back to you

and the usual visitors are the oxygen for your site!

Furthermore if you succeed in producing great content visitors will be happy and this could be  contagious , bringing to you more visits: this is known also as traffic virus.

So which are the keys for a great content?

There are three basilar keys that your site’s content must have to keep your visitors stuck to the screen:


  • usefulness

The content must provide information,answers,materials ,(anything relevant to your website’s topics )  the visitors could need .


  • periodical updates

    In order to get usual visitor coming to your site you will have to offer periodical updates . If your site activity isn’t enough its current audience is going to disappear .


  • create a community

This part is more advanced , but it makes the difference between a famous site  and a mediocre one. Forums,newsletters and events are examples of what can create a community that gives life at your website!


building links is fundamental


Link is a reference , when  someone click on it , he is conducted to your site.

Building links that lead to your site is one of the best way to promote yourself because you can get visits from other site’s visitors (probably relevant with yours) so that the traffic can increase rapidly.

As a matter of fact ,the best sites have hundreds of links , all over the web that point to them , bringing thousands and thousands of curios visitors  to give a look. No surprise that these sites are also the easiest to reach , in fact :           The amount of links to  a website is a variable for the Google’s evaluation of its ranking in the query results.

Soon we will  see some methods to place your links in strategic places on the web, but , of course there is one way so that others will link to you in their sites : when you have a great content.                

I say it again : the first step if you want your site to grow exponentially in popularity is to make interesting materials for your prospective audience.    Once you reach that , it’s easy that someone get interested in your content and link you in his pages.

Let’s see now,  three methods wich you can immediately  use to improve your link building:

  • guest link :

A guest link is an Exchange of links between two webmasters.It is a good way to share each other’s traffic so that both will have  benefit of it  .    The method is simple , when you reach the site with wich you want to link and be linked , search its webmaster e-mail and send to him the kind request .

Be careful: make sure the site you have chosen has a relevant content with yours and it looks professional. You want people interested in your niche to visit you!



  • webrings

Webrings are similar to guest links but instead of being an exchange between two webmasters ,this , is a sort o f exchange  Group  made of multiple websites.

how does it work ?

Webring connect every member site with the others with a piece of XHTML code to put in its pages. Once a visitor reach a webring’s site , he can see also the others by clicking on the code.

There are a lot of webrings out there  (simply Google them) and it’s easy to sign in:  usually they are thematic  so choose your ideal webring and place the code into your site!


  • self promotion

The self promotion methods consists in making publicity by yourself  joining discussions in forums or similar places where some people can see your answers and click on your links.

it’s important to do your comments publicly so that other people will see your links, not only who asked for help.

Pay attention : clearly advertise about your site it is considered spam ! In order to avoid this you should bring value to the discussions ,giving help to who is asking for, otherwise it could be better not to join them.



meta data elements add info to your pages



To add meta elements in your pages is a method to add descriptive information to your media file or links to make easier for the search engines to find you .

There are two fundamentals meta that search engines pay attention to :

  • meta descriptions

The simplest meta element you could imagine is the description. Tt is very useful to add the descriptions of the content in every page of your site, so that it will help search engines to understand what them are about.

Most effective meta descriptions are those about the page and about the images(see alternative text).

  • meta keywords

This meta element has about 25 words or sentences that describe your website.You can use it to add important terms for the queries. There is also a smart trick that consists in adding also misspelled terms that occur frequently.

Important : nowadays the meta keywords have less importance than in the past, search engines like Google almost ignore them and look at the words of the pages instead.

directories can be an helpful marketing strategy


Directories are lists of websites ordered by hierarchical tags . these lists are made by humans and represent a well organised knowledge of the web .

Why should I add my site in directories ?

Because is important to promote your site : some people still  use them to surf the internet , moreover search engines too give more importance to the sites they find in the directories .

Let’s see the most  important directories you don’t want to miss :

  • Curlie:

Hundreds of volunteers have made it through the years and probably is  the most important directory ; formerly known as the Open Directory Project, even Google use it in its directory service .

before proposing your site to Curlie, first you might make sure it is ready : don’t take the risk of being rejected!

Here you can find the forum of the directories for further information .

Here is a list of main directories  .

search engine optimization is the real marketing


These methods concern search engine optimization  and they are strategies to make one’s site appear at the top of the query results.

May be unnecessary say that to be at the top of the query results is a good thing if you want to improve the amount of hits to your site,so the question is :

Which are the first steps towards  my SEO ?

There are 4 simple steps that will lead you to a good SEO:

  • Add url

First of all , you want your site to be indexed by Google , otherwise  it won’t appear in the query results. Probably ,Google has done it yet , but to be sure you can present yourself with an opposite form at this url.

  • PageRank

Once your site is indexed it’s time to think about its rank.                         PageRank is an algorithm used by Google to order the sites that match the keywords of a query.

There are frequent updates to this algorithm but the core idea is that your site’s value is defined by the quality of links that point to you. Therefore you will improve your page rank if a site more valuable links you.

Here some resources to start your page rank improvement.

  • webmaster google

During your climbing to the top of the web you may want to know how Google see your site ,so that you can do appropriate changes to your strategies.

Here comes Search Console, a free Google service that will help you in some SEO topics as :  metadata , stats , link building , site map and other helpful tools.

It’s simple to sign in and you can do it right there.

  • AdWords

If you want to give a boost to your popularity on the web and you are also disposed to spend money to do it , AdWords it’s probably the best choice.

AdWords is the Google’s advertising service based on PPC (pay-per-click). the strength of AdWords is its flexibility ; it’s possible to start a new campaign choosing the style of your ad, the keywords associated   and how much are you disposed to pay for every click on it.

Once you have established the monthly payment limit , your ad will be displayed on the top of the query results associated to your keywords.

Here the link to the Google AdWords home page.

statistics help you in choosing the right strategy


Statistics analysis means the study of the your site’s visitors behaviour to understand which marketing strategy is more suitable for them.

Webmasters try different ways to get the visitor’s attention but they need an instrument to see what works and what not : here come the stats.

Often the hosting society shows you  the statistics of your site’s  traffic, but we are talking about analysing those stats and the most powerful instrument that you can have for free is Analytics of course.

What is Analytics?

Analytics is a freemium web analytics service offered by Google.                       The main functions of Google Analytics are two :

get the information :

Analytics will get visitor’s computer and browser info besides his IP address and his cookies, with wich , it can get the path followed by the visitor .

analyze them showing you the result:

The service shows you  its database in a user-friendly format such as  graphs of visits ,  of  pages shown , bounce frequencies , average time on the pages ,percentage of new visits ,overlay geographic map ,traffic sources ,content overview and other various reports.


Here you can start analysing your traffic with Analytics.

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