From White to Black Hat – The Ultimate Guide : High Quality Backlinks – part 2

Here we are , with the  second  part of


Ultimate Guide : high Quality Backlinks – From Black To White hat.

(for those who missed the first part, here it is )


Now that you’ve learned how it’s made a link-worthy piece of content, it’s time to build some links.


There are three ways : White , Grey and black hat SEO

What’s the difference?


Both are certain to get you results, but you can carry fines from search engines that really can cost you in terms of get ranking and traffic.
Even though SEO is continuously changing and methods are changing to keep up with new Google’s algorithms , knowing the difference between  these three ways will keep you from slipping into a snare , experiencing your SEO work quickly backfire.

From white to lack hat - the ultimate guide:high quality backlinks - Good Seo Marketing

White hat SEO

What It Is

All the strategies, techniques and methods that give attention to a individuals audience , by garnering organic and natural search traffic with high-quality content . They always follow search engine rules and guidelines.

This techniques require more efforts then the others ,however the long-term results details are worth them.
Successful White hat  SEO is in lots of ways “digital PR” when a person creates a web based existence that serve a network which “earns” links.


Why White Hat SEO is the ONLY way


Google is getting smarter and black hat techniques have to be renewed periodically to avoid ranking penalties.

Instead white hat SEO is a penalty-free guarantee



White Hat SEO Techniques



1. Creating original content


Content must establish your white hat strategy.No matter if it’s a blog or  a social campaign,

That implies :


Very pertinence and helpfulness to your users

Incredible written work style and great linguistic use and spelling



2. Email campaigns


Email marketing occurs when you send a commercial message to a group of people by use of electronic email.
E-mail marketing may be one of the most treasured components of your advertising and marketing strategy;

but  be  careful that your emails don’t alienate or annoy your subscribers.


3. Media content


It should be no surprise that media content such as infographics , images and videos procure links.

Well-known websites across the world use infographics, and in addition they often go viral on sociable media. Although they’ve got a saturated tactic, they still work.

To bring about more diversity in your efforts help your SEO, so definitely plan to include also online video in your link building system.
The excellent reason is the simple fact video sites like YouTube have a very high page rank and  the link made to your  website is a top quality link.
In addition to this, your videos will appear in the online video results section on Google.


4. Activity in other blogs


Guest post

the guest posting is a technique used to create a promotional article of a guest blog: is one of the key ways to promote yourself in a brief time by a larger audience. Of course, as all the techniques of online visibility,you  must do it in a way that doesn’t result spammy.

commenting posts

Before Google’s insurance plan and algorithm changes, blog commenting offered a way to get direct backlinks. However ,commenting post is still a valuable way to build backlinks, just not directly. You’ll have to find niche-related sites and you will have to carefully read the blog post so that you can give a relevant comment. Time-consuming as it may be, this is by far the best method to blog commenting.

5. Social


The idea behind bookmarking is simple: people “bookmark” something that they have seen on the internet to publicize it , others can then see your social bookmark, read what you have bookmarked and then discuss it again. This makes a larger level of exposure for the content.


Social information services are sites offering the ability to place news and articles to be submitted to the judgement of others. structured on votes received and time elapsed since the insertion. Every news will get greater or lower visibility. These services allow to increase  the delivery of new visits to the website


I’ve written a post about 50 SUCCESSFUL SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING CASE STUDIES : have a look and see how this weapon can be powerful for your business!



6. Press releases


PR campaign can be an outstanding source for  gaining exposure for your business. So , If you release a new exciting product and a journalist picks it up, you offer an amazing possibility to  your website to get high-authority backlinks.
Reasonably, we can assert that press release links are still counted by Google and that they can create high-authority backlinks from websites who face your press release.

These strategies are targeted on  promoting unique content that propagates virally through social , news,  and network sites.
These types of viral online marketing strategies is somewhat more commonly called “link baiting”.

These techniques all take time and effort, but they’re worth it—even older content can continue to increase in rank and drive traffic, penalty-free.
Also, Google provides a guide to acceptable SEO techniques you can refer to here (PDF) and Bing provides a set of guidelines, as well.

black hat seo - From white to lack hat - the ultimate guide:high quality backlinks - Good Seo Marketing


What is Black Hat SEO in 2017?


Black hat  SEO is basically seen as a ploy to charm the search engines ,  like they are “gaming the system” to get quick turnaround results. But, if you are found using these techniques, your site can be penalized–and in some instances, completely de-indexed .

These kinds of techniques are usually applied to sites with a quick-return business design, like retail sites or registration sites.a huge amount of them are carrying these techniques out.
In the event the links are not in favor of Google’s Webmaster Rules, they’re probably black hat.

Why Black Hat SEO Is Dying


Nowadays its harder to game Google’s algorithms ; they evolve  too fast .  Unethical strategies are increasing but so are the algorithms’ solidity of Google, Bing as well as others. If you’re found using Black hat  SEO your website may be penalized

Black Hat SEO Practices

A quick stop  at  black hat SEO website will show a huge choice of providers offering all types of  services like these we are going to see .

1. PBNs


PBN means private blog network . A private Blog Network is a network of blog used to build links to your primary website for the purpose of rank higher in the Google search engine. A person purchases a domain before it expires and develops a blog into it. The sole motive of the blog is to connect to the primary site.

These sites get deindexed by Google and the websites that they connect to can be penalized,  the links do not help a site after they have been determined as purchased.


2. Comment Spam

This practice is the bane of any blog owner . The owner of a website will spray the internet with hundreds of thousands, or even millions of blog comments with links to his website.
So , spam commentary are designed to create free backlinks. Links gained in this way are 100% ‘nofollow’ and brings no SEO value, which makes this system a real waste of time.


3. Duplicate content


As the name advises, duplicate content identifies the well-known “copy and paste” article marketing practice .

This means that blocks of copied content from different resources exactly match the other person or look quite definitely alike. In addiction , Google hates duplicate  content which explains why content purposely duplicated across different domains is regarded as one of the most harmful black hat techniques.

4. Automated link building


Using software to make a large number of low-quality backlinks in hardly any time.

Among the many black hat seo techniques found there is the use of automatic tools for addition of websites in the index. On the internet there are a huge choice of these tools, one of these is, for example, Magic Submitter, a software which allows someone to send simultaneous demands for inclusion in a variety of directories

5. Take down a competitor with a negative campaign


In other words, techniques that get your rival get kicked out of search engines.

For example

wrongfully confirming them for spam or black hat

php injections:by using lack of security in competitor’s site to put in it spammy content
Dos attacks: bombarding the website with fake accesses to saturate the bandwidth and make it go down so that, in the sight of Google the website will lose value


6. Cloaking


Cloaking is a  technique that displays very different content or Web address to an individual than to the search engine spider.
Actually, this SEO method is known as deceptive since  violate the Google Webmaster guidelines .In fact , generally it serves  irrelevant results to the users.

most popular cloaking instances:

Serving a full-page of HTML text message to search engine while showing a full-page of images or Adobe flash to users.
Inserting word or keywords into a full-page only when search engines is asking for it , not a real visitor.


From white to lack hat - the ultimate guide:high quality backlinks - Good Seo Marketing



What it is


Grey hat SEO is the practice of using theoretically legal solutions to better your site ranks, but which can be ethically dubious;these  may one day become dark hat.   They could be legal today and get you high, however in a year or two you can get punished for them , when regulations changes .

The reason why Gray hat SEO is less known about is the fact that , when the various search engines become aware that folks are employing these techniques , they do something to avoid them ,which transforms a gray hat strategy into a dark-colored hat technique.


Why Does Gray Hat SEO Matter


A proper knowledge of Gray hat SEO is important since it could improve your website’s ranking without negative effects, or it might cost you hundreds in lost traffic. Google’s guidelines and conditions can  prohibit ingenious innovation and considering them outside the package.


Grey Hat SEO Techniques


1. Change your site’s style periodically


You can play a game with search engines   redesigning  your website at regular intervals. Whether or not your articles is new or old, if you are redesigning your website then code and words changes and Google will feel that content on the site is new and fresh.


2. Article spinning


Article spinning is perhaps one of the most of all common Grey Hat SEO techniques  on the web. It’s the procedure for taking articles or little bit of content that’s not yours, changing its title, rewording the paragraphs, modifying the format and providing it up as a ‘new’ article, almost all of which is often done through software tools.


3. Fake social

Create several social multimedia account-Nowadays social marketing is a robust tool to market your website. To leverage the energy of this technique, it is a good idea to make a multi social account for your business. You merely need to include bio and pictures and begin promoting these accounts.


4. Fake reviews/comment


One of the better ways to operate a vehicle traffic to your internet site and make more interest online is through reviews that are positive and remarks from happy customers or clients. Reviews that are positive can do magic for SEO – specifically local SEO, as it can help searchers to comprehend the grade of service your business provides to its customers.
It will come as no real surprise then that some businesses fake their reviews!

But ,if these imitation reviews are removed – and users notice that – the trustworthiness of your business will be influenced, producing a knock-on influence on your web site traffic and ranking


From white to lack hat - the ultimate guide:high quality backlinks - Good Seo Marketing



Whether you’re a white hat , a grey hat or black hat SEO, you need to know Google’s penalties.
These can derive from an  algorithm upgrade or an intentional penalization for various black-hat techniques.
So let’s see the most important of them:




The goal of the Panda algorithm upgrade was and it is to keep low-quality content from turning up browsing results.
Therefore, unless you have low-quality content on your site, you ought to be safe from the traffic-eating pandas.


What kind of content get panda’s penalization:


improperly written
very brief
duplicated content
no real value


If a niche site has a degree of poor content into it, the complete site will be penalized.



Google Penguin


What it is 


An algorithmic penalty that specifically focuses on sites that use spammy link building techniques.

Google won’t release the entire information on the algorithm , but we can say for certain that we now have

3 main backlink factors you can use to recognize unnatural link habits:


   1. Web page link quality – A niche site that has obtained most of its links normally will have links of both low and high quality. Sites created by black hat SEO often have a huge amount of just poor links or only high power links .


   2. Link speed – Go through the backlink development of any large site, and you’ll note that it profits links at an higher rate as time passes. Unnatural sites often get a lot of links in a brief period, followed by an abrupt decrease.


3. Link variety – Authentic sites get links from all options (contextual, blog responses, discussion boards, etc.). However, bad SEOs often create a sizable part of                                a site’s links in one source (like blog responses). Furthermore, links must have varied anchor word. Way too many links with the same anchor content material could induce a Penguin charges.


How to prevent It:


Only build white hat links. There’s data showing that you can dodge Penguin by reducing the exact match anchor word. Having said that, the simplest way to avoid Penguin is to avoid shady links


Manual Penalty/Unnatural Links


What It Is


A manual penalty from someone at Google .

When you have unnatural links, but it generally does not look like you’d any part in creating them, you’ll receive this manual action, which isn’t actually a charges. The links won’t factor into your ratings , but there is nothing you must do to “recover.”


There can be two cases:


1. Unnatural links to your internet site: In the event that you just see this communication, then you’ve been penalized. This means that the reviewer has figured you’re in charge of the shady links. With regards to the specific subject matter, either specific internet pages will be penalized or your complete site could be.

2. Unnatural links from your site: If you are always linking to specific sites with exact anchor content material  or you have so many links directing out from your site. This charges can affect a portion or all your site.



How To Prevent It


Therefore the easiest way to avoid a manual penalty is to truly have a White hat link website.
Also, unlike with Penguin, you can get over a manual charges by disavowing links and processing a reconsideration need.

Here it is a matt cutt’s video in regard to the lifting of penalties achieved by your site:





Well, we’ve seen the labyrinth of techniques that you can use to create your own backlinks , from White to black and grey .


Now let’s summarize the topics discussed:


From white to lack hat - the ultimate guide:high quality backlinks - Good Seo Marketing


The second part of the ultimate guide is over ! You are halfway in your learning path to master the backlink


The next part is  about how effectively do these techniques : Tutorials step by step to backlinking


If you are appreciating this guide , please  let me know in the comment or by social !


and don’t forget to subscribe 😉


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