Twitter Strategy to Improve the Growth of Your Brand and Marketing

Are you looking to plan your next twitter actions in a precise and reasoned way?

 You need a Twitter strategy to free yourself from the feeling of being always making random attempts to grow your social authority.

Here is a comprehensive manual that will guide you through the various principles you need to follow to plan an effective growth strategy on Twitter.

Below there are the various chapters, click on them to jump to the desired point.

  1. Why you need a social media strategy for your brand

  2. What are the components of such a strategy?

  3. Determine your goals and objectives

  4. Measuring your results 

  5. Targeting your Twitter audience

  6. Follow the 5 Twitter posting Principles

  7. Engaging your audience




Why you need a social media strategy for your brand


why you need a social media strategy for your brand

Each social media is exclusive, with its own guidelines, style and audience.

You need to choose the social network that best suits your strategy and the goals you want to achieve.

You don’t need to be on all of them , but only on those who count for you as well as for your audience.

Here are some facts to consider that will help you select not only what social to try, but also how many.


Audience – Where are your potential customers? Which social has the right demographics?

Time – How much time do you want to spend on a social network? Consider at least one hour per day for each social network, at least at the beginning.

After you progress, tools like Buffer could help you save some time.

Resources – Which workers and skills do you have to work with? Internet sites such as Facebook demand quality content, graphic sites such as Pinterest and Instagram require images and videos.

Do you have the resources to build what you need?



Why you should include Twitter in your social marketing strategy


Twitter is a central social network for research, involvement and promotion. If you’re not yet working on your article strategy, you can be sure of your competitors.

If you aren’t already convinced that Twitter should take part in your online marketing strategy, here are some of the reasons why you’ll think again:


Twitter has over 313 million users per month.

These users send 6,000 tweets per second, more than half a billion a day.

Twitter users are 3 times more likely than Facebook users to check out a brand.

A Twitter study found that 69% of respondents were bought by a SMB after following them on Twitter. The survey also found that 79% of people who follow the contents of small and medium-sized enterprises retweet that company.

In a survey, 63.5% of social media managers put Twitter among their best social platforms for ROI, second only to Facebook.

Because of the magic of follow up and unfollowing, every Twitter user can edit and adapt their feed until they give exactly what they need. Looking for fresh news? Product recommendations? Funny GIFs? Twitter is the place to find the latest news and the best.


Whatever your marketing goals, Twitter can be considered a powerful tool to help you achieve them. However, you may not be sure where to start , or if you’ve already started, maybe you’re having difficulty combining your Twitter technique with your much larger business goals.

So, whether you’re looking for some strategic tips or a complete guide to online marketing with Twitter, you’ve come to the right place.

Let’s start.




What are the components of such a Twitter strategy?

what are the components of such a twitter strategy


Two-thirds of U. S. companies use Twitter for marketing. A total of 500 million tweets are published every day. This is clearly a lot of noise to pass through.

It is therefore essential that we have a proper plan to ensure that all operations are carried out on a regular basis.

Now I will tell you the different parts of an effective Twitter growth strategy.


Please note that some of the following elements can also be included in other social networks. It is also noteworthy that the objectives and targets are likely to change from one business to another.

So, regardless of whether your Twitter profile is new or not, your strategy must have the following components:


 Determine Goals and Objectives

Measuring your results

Targeting your Twitter audience

The 5 Twitter posting principles

Engaging your Twitter audience



Determine your goals and objectives

determine your goals and objectives twitter strategy for business


You may have read several marketing tips for your Twitter strategy online, but for some strange reason, this important suggestion is overlooked.

Your Social Media Mission will guide your future actions, so be sure to devote a lot of attention to this. This statement clarifies exactly how you intend to use social media and should identify your brand.

Keep your ideal customer in mind when you create your Mission.

If something does not align with your Mission, forget about it. Businesses that randomly rely on a Mission will not succeed.

People follow experts, not generalists.


No online marketing strategy is complete without the measurable goals you want to achieve.

Without targets, goals and milestones, you’re destined to make the same mistakes as so many marketers do about social media marketing.

An incredible 41% of companies don’t know if their social media efforts will work or not.

The cause of this figure is that companies are not monitoring their business, and have not put any kind of targets for what they would like to achieve on Twitter.


Instead, companies only publish content and trust that something will grow their brand. The way to publish and pray simply won’t take anywhere.

That’s why it’s essential to clarify your goals on Twitter. Below there are some examples.


build an involved audience

Generate contacts

Get more traffic on your website

interact with bloggers and influencers

Increase the number of followers

Improving customer service

Promote your brand

Generate new tasks

Become a source of information


From these goals, define specific objectives, ensuring that your goals are measurable, which means you can evaluate improvements and show your success.

For example, if your corporate goal is to provide your sales network with high quality leads through social networking, your goal could be ” to get 40 subscriptions by e-mail per month”.

With the goals set, remember to keep a reference point on the current state of your strategy’s performance.

This can help you measure your improvement towards your goals, demonstrating that it is producing real results for your company.




Measuring your results 

measuring your results twitter stratefy for business growth


Defining and calculating success on social multimedia can be a difficult challenge, and this can be the main step as it concerns social success. Even the best marketers rely on learning from their mistakes.

This may seem obvious, but monitoring of results, studying information and making changes to enhance it is essential.

Once you have chosen metrics, it is essential to produce a report.


Measuring your marketing results on Twitter is essential to understand the type of content your audience is most engaged in, and helps you understand in which areas to expand your Twitter strategy.


Here are some methods for obtaining the necessary data:


Use Twitter Analytics

It gives you an overview of how your tweets are behaving, who is involved, influencer in your audience, stats,and specific engagement metrics.

You are thus able to keep track of the activity of your followers as time passes, their passions, your twitter audience demographics and (if you own a Twitter ad campaign) advertising performances.

This way you can see success over time and identify which tweets, or fragments of content, are having the best impact.


Generate leads by learning more about the users involved with your brand, because they are writing about yourself and with whom they are interacting.

This will help you understand how to measure twitter engagement too.


Use analytics tools from Hootsuite

Hootsuite’s analysis tools are equipped with real-time dashboards to help you visualize screen performance, spot trends and monitor proposal through channels.

You can label tweets linked to promotions or events, then track, evaluate and report on performance.


Set a standard

After fourteen days or a month of publication, you can go back through statistics and discover the average frequency of clicks, shares, likes and feedback per post. This will be your standard in the years to come.

You will return back and update this issue every time fame and influence grow.


Did it work? Check the test statistics against the statistics of your standard.

If the test worked well, you’ll be able to use the changes in your regular Twitter strategy. As soon as the test is finished, try something new!

A few metrics to consider measuring are:

Conversion Rate

Time Spent on Website


Brand Mentions


Total Shares


 “If you torture the data long enough, it will confess to anything.” – Ronald Coase




Targeting your Twitter audience


targeting your twitter audience


Defining your Twitter audience is the basis of any corporate marketing plan and strategy.

The purpose of marketing is to find and understand the customer so well that the goods or service is sold on its own.

You should have an overview of the information about the people connected to your brand in your regular monthly report.

You may have access to basic information about Twitter audience analytics, which ultimately shows what your followers want.


In addition, you must ensure that the accounts you are interacting with are aligned with your customer profile.

You should be as specific as possible in this part. For example, if you have defined your ideal client as a parent, it might be fine. However, if you identify your ideal customer as a parent living in America, between 30 and 50 years old, makes more than $70,000 and has as hobby outdoor activity you should have much more success.

Even the best marketers will not be successful if they are marketing to the wrong audience.

Answer the following buyer-centered questions to help you think about an objective audience:




Job Title


Pain Points that your business can solve


Your brand can’t be everything for all people on Twitter. Choose who you are concentrating on and adopt a technique that brings real value to them.

This will probably lead them to build relationships with your brand and eventually become customers and supporters.




Follow the 5 Twitter posting Principles

follow the 5 posting principles of twitter strategy for your brand


This section is probably the main section. A Twitter account cannot compete unless it produces quality content.

Make sure that you remain up to date and relevant and cover a wide range of content types to maintain interest rates.

Unfortunately, many companies are preparing to do this.


Let’s now discuss the fun, posting and social marketing. Now you’ve understood who your ideal customer is and so you’ve used this information to produce your mission on Twitter.

With these details, it should be easy to start creating and editing content.

So, exactly what exactly is meant by content?

Here are some types of content you can create:




Blog Posts

Company News





The list of content types continues to go on, but be sure to focus only on content types that match your statement of intent and more on your expertise.

Content is exactly what feeds social media, so it’s essential that you keep high quality content on the table.

now we’ll see the 5 principles that need to be regulated to have a good content marketing strategy:


1. Search twitter posts for well-known events

By the end of September or early October, you should create special Tweets for Halloween. In November, you should have some tweets themed Thanksgiving already all ready.

Getting ready in advance for special situations will give you time to create high quality content to take advantage of trendy hashtags.

For example, we realize that hashtags like #Halloween, #Thanksgiving and #Holiday will be fashionable as you approach those dates.


Once the big day comes up, it will be easier to follow the fashion hashtags in real time and make marketing.

This is one of the main elements to use Twitter. You can distribute content during events rather than try to follow them until you lose momentum.


2. Schedule twitter Posts

Tools such as Hootsuite allow you to automatically publish twitter posts. You can set the best tweeting time, and cover even the weekend.

This way you can map Tweets and promote a single content several times.

Your Twitter strategy should summarize things as if you are posting links to your brand new content and other posts.


The problem with posting links to your articles only once is that many people will not see them.

You’ll have to increase your Tweets to increase your visibility, also to ensure that as many people as possible have the opportunity to see your items. The next reasonable question is:

when is the best time for a Tweet?

Sprout Social has an integrated function that handles this problem for you. The ViralPost function selects the best times when you can publish content, depending on when your followers are online.

The ViralPost function is very convenient for taking care of your content publication. In addition, it’s much more likely that we get involved with your Tweets because there’s a greater chance that users will see them!


3. Best time for a twitter post

Tweets do not last. As for Wiselytics, a tweet has a lifespan of only 24 minutes and reaches 75% of its potential involvement in less than three hours.

This means that you’ll have to tweet at the right time to reach as many followers as possible and get the most out of your effort.


There are many studies that show the best times to post to increase involvement. Often these often aggregate a large amount of data, but it is not assumed that they will make you foolproof.

Each commercial activity is different, so brands should evaluate their tweets to find custom programs.

You could use an analytical program like Tweriod to understand the optimal tweet time. Tweriod will inform you every time your audience is online, so that your Tweets get the maximum visibility.

How many times should you publish?


4. Use Twitter tools to get more done

Use Twitter tools to do the bulk of the job. The Twitter website and apps are ideal for occasional tweets or direct messaging, but to manage your Twitter strategy on a scale, you need the right tools for your work.

Most marketers have a solution, they use tools to improve their productivity.

Okay, it may not be a solution, but without the tools, marketers would face frequent Burnout (many even though they have the tools).


As far as social media is concerned, getting a social media management tool allows you to manage time and effort with ease.

The key factor of these tools is the ability to automate Twitter  posts and plan them in advance.

Another solution for the most experienced programmers is to use Twitter posts API to build your own tool.


5. Visuals

Visual content increases involvement, it goes without saying.


Videos are suitable for engagement

Adding videos is critical to Twitter’s marketing strategy. They make your Tweets more attractive.

According to BuzzSumo, which has examined 68 million Facebook posts,

Video postings receive a higher average engagement than website or image link posts,

On Twitter, videos are six times more reweeted than photographs and 3 times more reweeted than GIFs at Twitter.



Including images in all possible tweets is generally a good strategy, and Buffer shows us that Tweets with images get 1.5 times the involvement of those without.

It is also important to use the correct size images;Images can be JPG, GIF or PNG. The header image should be 1500 x 500 pixels. Your account photo should be rectangular, and you prefer to be 400 x 400 pixels.

Streaming images should be considered a minimum of 440 x 220 pixels. The maximum size to seem expanded is 1024 x 512 pixels. The highest quality is 5MB.

There are many image scaling tools available online, but Resizeimage. net is easy to use and flexible.



With users writing over 100 million GIFS on Twitter in 2016, it could be a great option to add some fun to your tweets.

If your brand is compatible with some cheeky and fun animation, try the integrated GIF search of Twitter.


“Content is where I expect much of the real money will be made on the Internet.” – Bill Gates




Engaging your audience

 engaging your twitter audience strategy for your brand

Your plan does not end with automation, however. Social media also require commitment.

It is possible for marketers to become enthusiastic about the number of followers who accumulate on Twitter. But without involvement, the number of followers is only a number.


Right from the start, Twitter was created to help people interact and engage individually. Use this feature in your favour and interact daily with your audience.

Follow your audience: your followers’ tweets provide you with plenty of information about their activities, needs, preferences and so on. Follow them and learn from them.

Since you have learned the basics, why not use one of these more complex tactics?

These methods will help you increase your twitter engagement rate:


Host a Twitter chat

Systems like Twitter are hotbeds of chat industry and you should take part in the conversion to keep pace online.

We must try to be informative, however, not intrusive. The fact that it is too promotional has never been well received either.

Twitter chat on Twitter can help build authority, help you connect with customers and potential customers, promote your brand away from the general public and increase reach.


Broadcast live video

Brands have been writing about live Twitter video training for quite some time, and companies like AirBNB are even tinkering with 360° live video programs.

Given the explosive attractiveness of live video on social media, adding these to your Twitter strategy is obviously an interesting area to explore.


Test out Twitter Moments

Twitter launched Moments in 2015 as a list of the big tweets of the day.

In 2016, they opened the tool to everyone on their mobile phone, and marketing staff used it to collect tastes, collaborate with influencers, and even create enthusiastic summaries for TV series. From serious to stupid, Moments offers new weapons to your Twitter strategy to improve your business.


Offer social customer service

With 67% of U. S. customers using social media for customer service, there is a good chance that your visitors will expect to have the same opportunity.

Whether you use most of your Twitter account or a support account, you’ll be relying on how big your company is and what kind of support you offer. Even worse could be done than following the exemplary case of well-known brands at the forefront of customer social assistance.

In order to produce content that the public will really read and use, it is essential to study their hobbies, needs and doubts. In addition, to read their tweets and involve them directly, to find trending content, you can also use software such as Trendspottr.


Find industry influencers to hook up with.

Analyze your rivals to find complete information about tweets, quotations, hashtags, followers and more.


Use multimedia to drive more engagement

The popularity and effectiveness of multimedia is the result of his incredible rise on social media.

A survey of Twitter users revealed that almost everyone (82 percent) is watching video content on Twitter, that users want to see more video than VIPs, other users and brands.


Mention them directly

If you talk about followers, influencers, or other Brands, in a tweet a @mention is a good way to convey some traffic in their way. You can also label people in photographs if you think it appropriate.


Get interactive

Tweet a question and observe how your followers respond, or manage a Twitter survey for customer support feedback, quick service or product opinions.If they have a blog, comment on their posts –show that you actually read their content.

Respond to questions quickly.When it comes to Tweeting with a Brand, 42% of respondents ask for an answer in one hour. 57% expect the same degree of response regardless of the period. Social customer service can make customer support cheaper, offer faster response times and lead to happier customers.

Interact with content they post : retweet, share, like, comment.It’s always nice when people take the time to retweet and like your tweets or follow you on Twitter. Earn their favor and leave your followers happy.


Make sharing easy

Use tools such as Click to Tweet or the Digg Digg Digg WordPress plugin to allow readers to share messages directly from your blog. Make it easy for people to share your articles with a couple of clicks.


Lead the conversations about your niche

You should use social brains tools such as Brandwatch to make sure you conduct discussions and create a successful strategy for social media content.

Make sure that you are involved in the conversation, or better still, by leading it. If you are not part of the conversation, you cannot influence it.


Make sure your engagement is authentic

not only retweet anything they publish, do it significantly.


Choose your following strategy

You should have a follower strategy. Here you should put together all the major influencers and brand connections within the industry.

In addition, determine what your Twitter strategy will be. Want to follow all the relevant accounts that follow you again? it’s good label of Twitter to follow people when they follow you.

Worth mentioning is also the fact that having an imbalance between following and follower can lead to a bad reputation onTwitter. You should try to do your best to keep as many followers as possible.


Get verified

Are you currently verified?

Is verification realistically possible?

Verification provides authenticity and trust.


There is absolutely no damage at all in applying for verification even if you were initially rejected, which will probably happen unless your account is already developed.

You can always ask another question once your account becomes competent and you have many more followers.


Here we come to the end of this guide,

I hope it has been useful to you, in both cases let me know in the comments!
or contact me on twitter @goodseo_M_
good climb to fame!

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